Please refer to Key and Help Tips Below Calendar.  Selecting the WEEK tab will give you a more detailed view.

THIS CALENDAR IS NOT INTERACTIVE- please email lesson requests.

Calendar Key

LSN = lesson opening
LSNSP = Semi-Private Lesson (2-4 riders)
LSNP = Private Lesson (Single rider or closed lesson)
LSNG Group Lesson (5 or more riders--approval needed)
= Jump Lesson (prior approval needed)
TRN = training session only
TRN/LSN = training or lesson session available
AC LSN = Adult Camp Lesson (open to adults only, school horses or bring your own)
TT = Tiny Tot lesson (1/2 hr session)
TRVL TRN/LSN = Travel training lesson (lesson or training session or combination of both at another facility)
YDC = Youth Day Camp

Helpful Tips for the SFS Calendar

***Please Note:  This calendar is not interactive.  It is to be used as a tool for emailing lesson or training requests.***

There are 3 options of viewing the calendar on the top right hand corner: Week, Month or Agenda.  More info can be viewed by either changing the view, or simply clicking on the session time. Not all the info can be seen due to space limitations on the monthly view. To see more details, change the view to week or agenda. You may then click on the desired time wished to view. When on the Month view there may be notations, such as +2 more, seen on certain days. This notation indicates there are 2 more appointment times scheduled on that day which are not viewable due to space limitations. Either click on this notation to see a pop up window for the day showing all appointments, or change the view to Week or Agenda to see the full day listed. Please refresh your page periodically because changes are made often and this will keep you up to date.

To view a different month, click on the arrows in the upper left portion of the calendar.  Clicking the arrow pointing to the left will take you back a month.  Clicking on the arrow pointing to the right will take you to the following month.

IPhone Users

If you are unable to see the SFS Calendar, you may have had a security update which prevents cross site tracking.  You will need to turn off this feature to view the SFS Calendar or just use the SFS Calendar Direct Link located near the bottom of the SFS Calendar page.

Blank Calendar Issues?  SFS CALENDER DIRECT LINK

Please let us know if you are seeing a blank calendar.  We will need information from you to see if we can figure out where the problem stems.  What type of device are you using to access the SFS Calendar (computer, smartphone, tablet, other)?  What browser are you using on this device (Internet Explorer, Chrome, FireFox, Safari, Other)?  Do you always see a blank calendar?  At this time after some playing around on a smartphone, it appears that trying to open the SFS Calendar in a new window--preferably Chrome, will likely show the events on the calendar.  Thank you for your patience as we try and determine what is occurring.

Potential Cookie Issue

There has been some discussion on the Google Forums regarding Blank Calendars.  You either need to clear your cache, allow 3rd party cookies or mark safe in your 3rd Party Cookies option.  For mobile devices, you may need to allow third party cookies.  It is up to you do allow this option.  Here is an article to help accept cookies on a mobile phone: Enable Cookies on Mobile Device.  While they are trying to find a fix for this issue, please try the direct link to the SFS Calendar.  Let us know if you still have issues with the Direct Link.