Scout troops/large group parties are welcome to come to Sun Fire Stables to enjoy a fun equine educational experience.  We provide Western and English saddle riding year round. Indoor and outdoor lighted arenas are available. We will work with groups with no horse experience. Sun Fire Stables provides fun and structured riding programs enabling people of all ages to get hands on experience with handling, feeding, grooming, saddling and riding! Groups are 6-9 riders at a time in the riding arena. We focus on teaching horsemanship from the ground during handling. We also specialize in advancing horse riding skills by accomplishing tasks and playing games while you are riding your horse in the arena. Great for new riders because we teach at the skill level each person is at. Great for experienced riders because we add new skills beyond just a trail ride in the woods.

Participants are divided into groups. Each group has an activity to do: riding; grooming/tour; hayride/ game and groups will rotate every 40 - 60 minutes. For instance,  Group 1 rides while Group 2 grooms, handles, learns about horses & ponies, and tours the barn and Group 3 goes on a hay ride (or plays a game in case of inclement weather). The entire outing takes a little over 3 hours. If the hayride/game would like to be omitted, this time could be used for a lunch, snack or your own group conducted activity (craft, game, etc). Here is a sample time line:

  Group 1 Group 2 Group 3
1st Hour Riding in arena Groom/tour Hay Ride/Game
2nd Hour Hay Ride/ Game Riding in arena Groom/tour
3rd Hour Groom/ tour Hay Ride/Game Riding in arena


Our facility has a lighted outdoor riding arena, indoor riding arena, bridle paths, wooded trails (only available for intermediate and advanced riders), 2 bathrooms, wash area, 2 water coolers, seating and picnic area and several well trained horses and ponies. The observation room can be used if it is a rainy day and where we can play a game if the hay ride is substituted. Otherwise the outdoor grassy hill picnic area next to the outdoor arena is available for your use. You will need to provide adequate supervision as needed, depending on group size.  We have a well trained staff and qualified volunteers to help with the Sun Fire activities with plenty of one on one attention.

We have many helmets of every size available to use. Participants need to wear long pants and footwear with a 1/2 heel at least. We also have lots of different size boots to borrow for those in need.  

Feel free to bring food/ drink/ snacks, as long as everything is picked up and disposed of properly prior to departing. Please help us keep our stables clean by disposing of your trash appropraitely.

Also, Sun Fire Stables requires an Indemnity Form for each of the participants to be signed, if under 18 years old then signed by their parents for our facility prior to the start of the event. For Scouting troops, please be sure and follow your own association's rules and do the necessary paperwork requried for them.  Please see the following links as to the requirements for the Girl Scouts of America or the Boy Scouts of America.

The price is $45 per each participant. If a hayride would like to be added- it is $5 additional/person. Those who only want to do the hay ride, it is $5 per person for the hayride for those who were not riders.  For those Girl Scout groups looking to earn the Girl Scout Horseback Riding Badge Requirements or the Brownie Bits 'n' Bridle Badge Requirements, please see our Girl Scout Troop Badge Activity page for pricing information as it requires more resources to complete the badge.  For those interested in the Scout Horsemanship Merit Badge, please see our Boy Scout Troop Activity page for pricing information as it requires more resources and time to complete skills to get the badge.

The first step to schedule a group outing is to contact Jennifer through the Contact Form.  The second step is to schedule a lesson tour.  This tour will provide an introduction to our facility to familiarize yourself prior to your group coming out. Please see our SFS Calendar for our schedule. Use the helpful key on the bottom of the page to better understand it. Changing to a "week" view is also helpful. The calendar is not interactive, but is a tool to use to help plan, request and schedule events. Please email your request(s). Once a date and time is set, it will be posted on the SFS calendar.

NOTE TO SCOUT TROOPS: We have been approved by the Girl Scouts of Wisconsin Southeast. Jennifer also has passed training to be a Merit Badge Counselor-Horsemanship for the Boy Scouts of America through Three Harbors Council.