Forever A Cowboy  ~Steve McClure (Reno)

Like many of you I have been morning the loss of our mutual friend, Robb Kaminskis. I first learned of his death early in the morning in a text from Steve Lundean. He simply wrote “Reno, Robb passed away”. That’s all he could say. 

I knew Robb as a cowboy and a darn good one at that. Several years ago he and Steve Lundean messaged me to join the two of them for lunch. I had not been feeling well and being full of the sin of pride I kindly deferred not wanting them or anyone else to have to see me in the shape I was in. They protested, of course, but finally relented. I thought the messaging was over but a few minutes later Robb texted me saying “we all love you”. That was Robb. 

Last October Steve put on the last cattle clinic of the year and Robb commented on a Facebook post how well it went. He concluded that it could only have been better if the whole “crew” was together and he named both Law (Lawrence Smoller, a good cowboy and friend) as well as myself. What a kind gesture. That was also Robb. 

To me, Robb was always a steady, good hearted friend. Whether he was mounted, hauling stock or just sitting down to a meal he was always upbeat and a lot of fun to be around. 

Because Steve and Robb were good friends he was simply unable to put “pen to paper” that day so he asked me to write a eulogy to Robb and post it on the company website. It was awhile before l could put my thoughts together as well but here it is;

“It is with great sadness that we post news of the untimely death of our good friend and fellow cowboy, Robb Kaminskis. 

Robb was a man of honor and great kindness. He was a person you could confide in as well as count on to tell a story guaranteed to illicit a laugh. He was always there to lend a hand and often spoke of his great love for his family and friends. 

I’ve been to his home/ranch and although he had more than enough work of his own he would tirelessly be there to help others with their projects. He was there but never obtrusive. He loved helping at clinics and could always be counted on to lend his gentle hand when needed. He was a top hand. 

Our deepest sympathies to his dear wife Sherry, whom he often called the love of his life, as well as his family and friends. We will miss this cowboy and rest easier knowing he will save us a place at the campfire when we all meet again.”

Adiós, Robb. Hasta que nos volvamos a encontrar


~Steve McClure (Reno)

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