Friends & Family enjoy time handling & riding horses & ponies with the birthday person in a Birthday Party Lesson.  We offer mounted games with a chance to win ribbons.  Birthday party lessons will be approximatley 1 1/2 to 2 hours.  It is fun for all ages!  Contact us for more information.

A Birthday Party Lesson is as follows:  Birthday person gets to ride the whole riding time.  If there is a large group of riders, riders will take turns (example: If there are 9 riders, a group of 4 will ride with Birthday rider then a switch to the other group of 4 riders will ride with the Birthday rider.)  Participants all groom, tack up, handle and ride a horse/pony. Riders play a riding game to earn ribbons that are awarded at the end of the party. If there are more than 5 people, riders "share"  a horse/pony by taking turns riding (1st group, 2nd group, 3rd group) You are welcome to use the picnic area or observation room. We have a fridge and freezer to use also, for edibles. If the weather is poor, riding will be in the indoor arena. Participants just need to have an Indemnity Agreement filled out and wear long pants, and preferably wear footwear with a 1/2 inch or more flat heel.  Dress for the weather and SFS has plenty of helmets for all sizes.

Prices are:

$40 each rider

Also, depending on the weather and scheduling, a hay ride may be able to be added for $5 additional per participant.

Please note that Sun Fire Stables does NOT offer pony rides.